what-do-u-fight-for-dog2We are fighting for so many things . . . We fight to get up each day and continue to live even when our body tells us we should crawl back into bed. We fight for relationships, because no matter how draining it can be to parent a 3-year-old when you are ill, or go to a concert with a friend, we want people in our lives. All the while, it is all an #invisiblefight. . . and it is exhausting. Join us in bringing awareness to #invisibleillness and be encouraged by the [read more]


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Your #invisiblefight Blogs for 2015

  What is a #invisiblefight blog post? Since our theme this year is My Invisible Fight, just write a blog post about anything to do with your invisible pain and suffering and what is has to do with how you fight. What … [More...]


Thank You for Being Just One

This post wraps up the week of giveaways for Invisible Illness Awareness Week. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. Yes, I have pushed "too" far Which means my whole body aches. I can barely move an arm or … [More...]

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