What is the Just One Campaign About?

We are all just one... but if you live with an invisible illness you are one of over 100 million who are ill. You are someone. You matter. We hope to help those with chronic illness know that even though you may feel alone in your pain and limited in what you can give, together we can make a difference. [Read More].


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I Don’t Want Special Treatment. I Just Want to Live.

What happens when a young woman decides to pick up her cane? Suddenly everyone is on high alert to make life easier for her. And this takes some mental adjustment. So it’s a couch potato day–which means I wake up but my muscles don’t. My weekly television obsession is Battlestar Galactica so normally I would […]

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Thank You for Being Just One

This post wraps up the week of giveaways for Invisible Illness Awareness Week. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. Yes, I have pushed "too" far Which means my whole body aches. I can barely move an arm or leg. I am tired. My skin … [Read More...]


Wondering if You Will Ever Laugh or Live Again?

Illness can cover our life with the dark clouds of doom forever if we let it! Wondering how you can find joy even in the midst of pain and suffering? Live. Laugh. Love. We have all been there. A point in our lives where there is not a whole … [Read More...]

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