What Awareness Colors Mean for Health

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ii bracelet silicone iivh What Awareness Colors Mean for HealthWondering what awareness bracelet colors are for what health problem?

Illness awareness bracelet wristbands are available in nearly every color and in silicone, rubber, and plastic. If you’re interested in supporting your specific’s illness cause, do a search on the internet or check with your local health organization.

AIDS – Red
Allergy – Gray
Alzheimers – Purple
Arthritis – Blue
Asthma – Gray
Autism – multicolored puzzle pieces
Brain Tumor – Gray
Burn awareness bracelets
Childhood Depression – Green
Colitis – Purple
Crohn’s Disease – Purple
Cystic Fibrosis – Purple
Depression – Green
Diabetes – Gray
Juvenile diabetes awareness bracelet
Disabled Children – Gray
Distonia – Blue
Eating Disorder – Light Blue
Emphysema – Gray
Endometriosis – Yellow
Environmental – Green
Epidermolysis Bullosa – Red
Epilepsy – Purple
Eye Injury – Green
Fibromyalgia – Purple
Graves Disease – Light Blue
Headache – Burgundy
Heart Disease – Red
bracelets awareness1 What Awareness Colors Mean for HealthHIV – Red
Hodkin’s Disease – Purple
Homeopathy Awareness- Emerald Green
Hospice Care – Burgundy
Invisible Illness – Silver or Gray
Irritable Bowel – Light Blue/Purple
Kidney Disease – Green
Kidney Transplant – Green
Leimyosarcoma – Purple
Leukemia – Orange
Liver Disease – Yellow
Lung Disease – Gray
Lupus – Purple
Lyme Disease – Green
Lymphedema – Light Blue
Lymphoma – Purple
Macular Degeneration – Purple
Melanoma – Black
Mental Health – Lime Green
Mental Illness – Gray
Mental Retardation – Green
Migraine awareness purple bracelet
Multiple Myeloma – Burgundy
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) awareness bracelet – Gray
Myasthenia Gravis – Light Blue/Teal
Organ Donor – Green
Parkinson’s Disease – Gray
Pulmonary Hypertension – Purple
Reflex Sympathitic Dystrophy – Orange
Retinoblastoma – White
Reye’s Syndrome – Blue
Rhett Syndrome – Purple
Sarcoidosis – Purple
Scleroderma – Light Blue
Self Injury – Orange
Spinal Bifida – Yellow
Thyroid Disease – Light Blue
Tissue Donation – Green

Cancer awareness bracelet colors

Cancer awareness – Purple or Yellow
Bladder Cancer -Yellow
Colorectal Cancer – Brown
Colon Cancer – Brown
Bone Marrow – Green
Bone Cancer – White
Brain Cancer – Gray
Breast cancer (silicone or rubber) – pink awareness bracelet
Lymphoma cancer
Colon cancer awareness bracelet
Esophageal Cancer – Light Blue
Gynecological Cancer – Purple
Kidney Cancer – Green
Lung cancer – gray
Ovarian Cancer – Light Blue/Teal
Pancreatic Cancer – Purple
Prostate Cancer – Light Blue
Testicular Cancer – Pink

  • b04 What Awareness Colors Mean for Health
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  • Christina Whitcher

    Thank you for this clarification on colors. Any idea where we can purchase these bracelets? I’m looking for the purple one for migraine awareness.

    Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/peargirly @peargirly

    Burgundy colored awareness items are also for Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS), Thrombophilia, and Factor V Leiden.

  • http://www.loveyourlungsbreatheforlife.com Lori Palermo

    Gold is also the color for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

  • moondance3c

    The official color for Multiple Sclerosis is orange.

  • Sophie

    Thanks. I really like the fact that they say "strength" "hope" etc on them, makes them more appealing for non sufferers or those who dont know people with them as well.

  • http://Kidneystonessymptoms.org Kidney stones

    Burgundy colored awareness items are also for Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS), Thrombophilia, and Factor V Leiden.

  • http://highbloodpressuresymptoms.info high blood pressure

    I have to buy at least one of those

  • http://www.loveyourlungsbreatheforlife.com Lori Palermo

    Could you please add: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Awareness color is GOLD: http://www.goldcopd.com

    Thank you,
    Lori Palermo

  • http://hypothyroidismdiet.net/ Annie

    i think the official color for Multiple Sclerosis is orange.

  • Elizabeth

    Does anyone know where I can get ones that say "ME/CFIDS?" I have been looking for them for a long time. Thanks.

  • http://www.allweekwalls.com/services.html pressure wall

    This is really important to know the symbolism of the color in terms of diseases.

  • Samantha

    What would the color be for hypoglycemia?

  • Angie

    Purple is the color for Chiari Malformation… can it be added please? Syringomyelia is Blue but not represented either.

  • http://kidney-stones-symptoms.com kidney stones

    Thanks for this useful post. Purple is the color for Chiari Malformation… can it be added please? Syringomyelia is Blue but not represented either.

  • http://www.g-pact.org Carissa Haston

    Digestive Tract Paralysis (Gastroparesis and Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction)- lime green and yellow

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  • http://www.acnetreatmentdigest.com Leah Perez

    colon cancer is a very nasty and painful disease, i have a friend who died in this disease and it is not a pretty sight..*

  • http://www.watercoolerinfo.com Water Cooler

    i was suffering from colitis a couple of months ago and believe me, the pain is horrible “.”

  • http://www.polyethylenes.org Polyethylene

    diet modification and colon detoxification can always prevent colon cancer *~`

  • terri

    What is the color for stroke awareness

  • http://www.painsupport.co.uk Jan Sadler

    Bringing your attention to PainSupport. Our site is packed with self-management tips and techniques for pain relief, plus Forum and email newsletters.

  • http://jupiteradmiralscove.com Nancy Jonhansen

    I don’t believe diet alone can prevent colon cancer.

  • Kat

    rheumatoid arthritis isn’t listed but for anyone that’s interested, I’ve normally seen it represented as blue & purple

  • Linda Whitehead

    There is notone listed for Downs Syndrome. It csnnot be grouped with mental illness. It needs its own color. Also not one for Pulmonary Fibrosis illness from working in asbestos. Would like to see both of these added.

  • Catherine Cat Wheeler

    Gastroparesis & Chronic Intestinal Psudeo Obstruction are both invisable diseases. The colors are Green & Gold…representing the colors of bile & stomach acid. Some people use teal & mauve…teal representing healing & mauve for calm love & stomach.

  • Catherine Cat Wheeler

    ADD/ADHD is Orange

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