Invisible Illness Week Comics

You may feel like crying, but instead, let’s laugh together! We have more in common than we know. You can make your own comic strip at Bit Strips. Be sure to email us a copy and we just may share it here!

You are free to copy and paste these to your own blog, site, etc. just be sure to link it back to – Thanks!



More coming soon!

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  1. Blair says

    Chronic pain in and of itself is so difficult, but its WHAT you CHOOSE to do with your life when you are handed lemons that makes a difference.

    So very many people in our history have lived successful lives that contributed to our society EVEN WHILE IN CHRONIC PAIN. I have CHOSEN WHEN I can. I have CHOSEN to use the brain that the Good Lord gave me to distract myself from pain and exhaustion whenever and however I can. I CHOOSE to instruct my friends on how best to help me and how best to distract me. I CHOOSE to focus on my PASSIONS whenever pain tries to beat me.

    It is not easy, not now and not ever. But I have a much happier life now that I am not perceiving myself as a victim.

    I have chosen to have a happy life DESPITE my invisible illness.

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