Ever Considered Leaving a NICE Note for Some Parking in the Handicapped Spot?

Have you ever watched a woman (or man) park in a handicapped parking spot and then you see her get out and walk into a building? Perhaps people around you may also be watching. . . and doubting that she has any kind of health issue.

But you know! Perhaps you noticed the slightest limp or her pause to catch her breath or her balance. Part of you wants to go up and say something–but what? And you don’t want to offend her either.

Have you ever considered leaving an ENCOURAGING note?many of us who have (legally!) parked in a blue spot have received rude notes left on our windshield, so why not leave an inspiring note?

What do YOU think? If someone left you a note that said something like we’ve listed below would you be encouraged or feel like someone was getting too personal?

Here are some ideas of what you could write. Feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

  • Invisible illness can be one of life’s greatest challenges. You are doing it with style!
  • You never know who’s life you are touching. Your strength despite your pain encouraged me today.
  • I live with invisible illness too and I wanted you to know someone is praying for you today.
  • I’ve lived with __________ for _____ years. Seeing you today encouraged me to keep on going. Thank you!
  • You never know how you can encourage someone just by doing daily errands. I have _________. Seeing you parking here and living life, was inspiring to me. Thank you.
  • I know personally how hard it is to live with daily pain. Thanks for reminding me to hang in there just by going on with your day despite your pain.

Read about our founder Lisa’s parking spot experience in the article, “Can Those with an Invisible Illness Park in the Blue Spots Without Others Seeing Red?”

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