Invisible Illness Week Facts to Tweet

The most popular topics about invisible illness seems to be the misconceptions people have about a chronic disease or pain that cannot be seen.

Are there really that many people with invisible illness?
Why another awareness week? Enough already!
You can’t be that sick.
If you were that sick, you wouldn’t be able to stand here and talk to me.
But you look fine to me.
If you just thought about something other than your illness, you’d start to feel much better.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Help increase awareness about nearly any illness (most of them are invisible), by tweeting these facts below and reminding people that situations are not always as they appear.

We’ve found some interesting facts we think you will like and highlighted some few special statistics about invisible illness or chronic pain. You can find sources for our statistics here.

You can follow us on Twitter and then add “RT” at the beginning (that means you are retweeting it) and @invisibleillwk. That way people know the source where you found it and they can sign up for it themselves.

Facts to Tweet About Invisible Illness

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #1 Nearly 1 in 2 Americans (133 million) has a chronic condition. Not U? It’s someone U luv!

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #2 About 96% of illnesses are invisible. No visible signs and no assistive device used.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #3 The significance of one’s faith has shown to help one handle a stressful medical event better

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #4 Sadly, the divorce rate among the chronically ill is over 75 percent

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #5 ppl with illness are young! 60% are between the ages of 18 and 64

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #6 By 2020, about 157 million Americans will be afflicted by chronic illnesses.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #7 90% of seniors have at least one chronic disease and 77% have two or more chronic diseases.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #8 Depression is 15-20% higher for the chronically ill than for the average person.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #9 Sadly, physical illness or uncontrollable physical pain are major factors in up to 70% of suicides.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #10 About 1 in 4 adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #11 Invisible illness includes #autism, #bulimia, #migraine pain, #arthritis, #bi-polar disorder #depression.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #12 More ppl need pain treatment than those w/ cancer, heart disease, stroke & diabetes combined.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #13 Less than 2 hours is spent on pain management in most medical school curriculum

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #14 Most people prefer illness mgmt advice from health professionals before their spouse

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #15 19 million of ppl who are severely disabled do not use a wheelchair, cane, crutches or walker

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #16 4 in 5 health care dollars, 78% are spent on people with chronic conditions in USA

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #17 Patients with a deep faith recover faster from depression,even when illness doesn’t improve.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #18 Faith reduces stress, loneliness, pain, & anxiety according to American Cancer Society

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #19 Over half of the chronically ill say the worst thing someone can say is “you look great.”

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #20 34% of respondents said the person closest to them with a chronic illness is a parent.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #21 Most medical residents leave med school believing that 80% patients R addicts seeking drugs.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #22 Over 75 percent of patients with depression complain of physical pains.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #23 The # of ppl in the US 65 > will double in the 25 yrs to 20% of Americans = more illness.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #24 Depression can predispose patients to chronic pain due to chemical imbalance it creates.

RT @invisibleillwk @iiwk13 Fact #25 Faith gives ppl w/ health challenges peace of mind & will to live


  1. Diana Riordan says

    I am not able to sit at all,Pudential Nerve damage. Also have IC,which complicates the other painful
    Disorder. I am looking,for someone like me to talk to,have been for 12yrs.
    thanks to all who contribute to this program.

  2. Diana Riordan says

    oh,saw the notificAtion below the Submit Comment on my last note,will re write and Check it. I have Pudential nerve damage and am looking for someone like me. please email me at have ITerstitial Cystitis also,makes it all worse,triggers the other.Thank you all who contribute to this site.Diana

  3. Abdi says

    Hi Diana. hope you will get well. I dont know what prudential nerve damage is, but can relate to being unable to sit because I lost almost 80 percent of my buttocks muscle. my problem begun twenty years when I sustained head injury. I experienced severe body ache years later which resulted in painful uncontrolled weight loss. I am from kenya and given poor background I couldn’t afford specialised medicare. Thanks.

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