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online support Online Support For Those with Invisible Illness   Link Parties!

Online support is a powerful way to connect with others who understand what it feels like when you suffer.

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Do you remember life before the internet when there was no such thing as online support? Some of us certainly do. The only way we could really talk about our illness or find someone who understood what we were going through was to attend a support group. Support groups are beneficial, but some of them are also not much of a support ironically.

You have get dressed, find directions, drive somewhere, and sometimes hike through a large parking structure and building just to connect with a few people that “get it.”

Online support has changed all this. And we hope with the link parties below you will find some encouragement and hope. Thousands of people have blogged about Invisible Illness Week over the years and many are participating this year as well.

Check out some of the web site where people have shared their stories, their aches, their joys, and have created an oasis of online support for those with invisible illnesses or chronic conditions.

Your story – Here you will find bloggers who are sharing a part of their invisible illness journey with you, what they have learned, what they struggle with, their hopes, dreams and disappointments.

“I CHOOSE TO ______” 2013 campaign-themed blogs – What do you choose? It could be something major, like “I choose to go to college” or it may be a smaller goal like “I choose to get dressed before noon.” Or even something more emotional, “I choose to know when to set boundaries.” Have you written about what you choose at your blog? Link it up here so others can find you!

Your Visible Hope Blogs (2012) – Are you taking photos of things around you that show your hope for this year’s campaign? If you are more of a visual person, you may find some online support through people’s images that show hope despite the pain. You will also find people who have written about this experience of finding hope in everyday people, places, things, or thankfulness.

Your Blogs for the Cause – Invisible illness issues can stir up a lot of emotions and we know YOU have something to say! Here you will discover people who are blogging for the cause, sharing their thoughts, and letting readers of their blog know about Invisible Illness Awareness Week. They offer so much online support for each of us, so go read and tell them thank you for being an advocate for all of us!

Your 30 Things Meme – We have a meme that can help you discover and share different parts of living with invisible illness. Hundreds of people have participated since 2009 and here are some of them who have linked up to us!

We hope you are able to find some wonderful online support through these “link parties” above. And don’t forget. . . you can join all of them yourself if you write something on your blog. Just scroll down past all the other links and click the “add link” button. It’s easy and you will be sure to connect with others for some awesome online support!

lisa signature1 Online Support For Those with Invisible Illness   Link Parties!

  • b04 Online Support For Those with Invisible Illness   Link Parties!
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  • @lisajcopen

    have u visited the #invisibleillness week link parties yet? some great blogs! come read or submit your own

  • @lisajcopen

    have u visited the #invisibleillness week link parties yet? some great blogs! come read or submit your own

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  • willow

    How do I join in with comments etc, I can’t find the instructions or the ‘add link’ thingy…!

    • admin

      you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and add comments there. the “add link” thingy is for submitting your site to the list.

  • Dawnabelle

    What a wonderful idea you came up with to have this Invisible Illness Awareness Week! I don’t even know how I got linked up to your site here, but I wish I had known about this way earlier. I would have done something and try to blog about my own *invisible illness*. Just wanted to give my support, and say Thank you for doing this. It means a lot. Maybe next year I can participate. Thank you again.


  • Sandra Goldstein

    I had never heard of link parties until I read this article. I love the idea of online support for people with invisible illnesses. I have a friend who was diagnosed with an invisible illness about a year ago and I am pretty much one of two people that know about his condition. He hasn’t shared his illness with any of his friends, but the idea of going online and joining a group of people that can help to support you and understand what you are going through is awesome. I am going to share this article with him and hopefully it will help him have another way to talk about how he is feeling and what he is going through.

  • Deepa

    Great idea… Definitely love to participate. I was not able to find the place to add my blog…

    • Lisa Copen

      Deepa, it depends on your blog topic. If you look up, each description in this article is linked to the page you will need.

  • Maura Ryan

    I cannot find the ‘add link’ you tell us to click into? I would like to join, read and post on here..please help.

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