Your Cause Blog – Invisible Illness Awareness Through Writing

What’s a cause blog and do I need one?

Do you have a blog? Whether it is officially a “cause blog” or a “blog with a cause,” –or a blog about anything — you can certainly use it to increase awareness about invisible illnesses. You may have a blog and not even realize it! For example, many health social networks include a blogging feature, such as the Rest Ministries Sunroom.

We hope you will take a few minutes this summer and write a cause blog or two about Invisible Illness Week or what it is like to have an invisible illness.

Hundreds of people are joining our efforts to cause blog about either Invisible Illness Week or their invisible illness! If you don’t have a blog, just try to post something about it somewhere and it will help us out a lot. (Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook–any social network you are a part of.)

Whenever you publish a cause blog post something it helps us increase our exposure and it’s because of you this week is going to be a success.

You can find the different categories of blogs for Invisible Illness Awareness Week here. They all fit somewhere, so if in doubt, put it under “My Story.”

If you have posted your thoughts somewhere in a cause blog, be sure to let us know! Come back here and hit the blog submission button above to link it up so people can find it.

We’d love to come and visit your blog!

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder


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