Download Your Invisible Illness Week Goodies

Invisible Illness Week is almost here and I am eager for our virtual conference to start. Remember. EVERYTHING WILL BE ARCHIVED, so if you miss a seminar, come back and watch it at your convenience. Also, everything we do is in Pacific time, USA, but if you go to our virtual conference page there is a time zone converter that is easy-peasy.

We will kick things off with a short welcome video with me that will air at 8 AM Pacific time, Monday morning. Then our first workshop with Wayne and Sherri Connell will air at 9 AM. I know you will just love them, as they discuss what not to say, what to say to an ill person.

So, for today, I encourage you to get ready. I have created some fun little handouts. When you go to a conference, you get a goodie bag, right? Well, I have put together one for you. It includes a note from me, notepaper you can print out and use during the workshops, a desk sign to remind you of something special this week, quotations, a coupon for our store over at and a schedule that you can print out and post at your desk, on the fridge, whatever. Now, if only I could sneak a granola bar or a cheese stick for you. Oh, well.

I hope you are looking forward to a great week. I certainly am!

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder



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