My Hope For You, Those With Illness

Chelsey Lawrence

I hope that you always look for the silver lining
Even when all the clouds do is rain.
Remember that stars are always shining
Even when the sky is as dark as pain.

I hope your spirit stays full of light
On dreary draining days.
I hope you always keep up the fight
To persevere in many ways.

Treatments can fail and symptoms return
And sometimes doctors don’t know what to do,
Remission can be hard to earn
That is what I hope for you

When you are feeling lost and all alone
And life is shaking hands with pain
I will be there to help your heart turn from stone
And show that all this can be of gain.

I hope you know that your trials have strengthened you
You have gained persistence and grace.
Your journey has left footsteps on a path
People can follow your inspiring pace

I hope you remember that tears can be blessings
They are a sign that you are still holding on
I hope you continue even when illness keeps pressing
The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

I hope that love and joy will help you cope
And that God will pull you through.
May you always fill up your cup of hope,
That is what I hope most for you.

Chelsey Lawrence lives in Seattle, Washington with her supportive husband. She is a human services graduate who was diagnosed with a rare invisible and incurable illness called central nervous system vasculitis when she was 17 years old. This is where the immune system attacks the blood vessels in the brain and causes a variety of neurological symptoms.

She has learned to praise God’s name through times of remission and times of severe flare-ups. She desires to share hope and encouragement with others who live with a chronic illness through her blogs Helping Other Patients Everywhere and Hope For The Spirit. She also appreciates music therapy and knows how it can help comfort and lift the spirit. You can find the HOPE Youtube channel here


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