Seminar: Finding Yourself Through All The Muck of Illness

renee johnson fisherRenee Johnson Fisher

When you are diagnosed with an illness it can truly change your life. And when it happens and you are just a teenager, when you are supposed to be “finding yourself,” what then? Renee knows, and now she can share what she has learned through this journey and how it can apply to your life–regardless of the age you are. Yes, it is possible to keep finding yourself, despite your invisible pain.

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renee johnson fisher

About Renee Johnson Fisher

Renee is a spirited speaker to twenty-somethings and the author of Faithbook of Jesus and Not Another Dating Book.

Before she wrote any books she experienced the lost of skin on her face, hands, and feet. It took her body ten years to recover. During that time she learned how to journal and find her strength in God.

It is her joy to have rescued a pit bull who recently had hip surgery and she lives with her new husband (whom she thinks is the most gentle guy she’s ever met).

Get to know Renee! Renee’s website where you will find 2 free eBooks and daily devotionals | Renee on Facebook | Renee on Twitter

Renee’s books Faithbook of Jesus: Connecting with Jesus Daily and Not Another Dating Book: A Devotional Guide to All Your Relationships.


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