Seminar: The Recovery Continuum, Getting Through it Without Losing Your Mind

Trish Robichaud

Recovery. A simple word that can mean all kinds of pain, fatigue, and you never know for how long. Trish shares her story about recovering from open heart surgery last year–along with her illness, multiple sclerosis. She discusses some things she did to help her recovery along, the emotions involved, including depression, and how she used the time to grow, despite the weariness of it.

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About Trish Robichaud

Trish is a multiple award winning Disability Awareness Coach, Maximum Life and Business Coach, Author, Advocate and Motivational Speaker who lives with multiple sclerosis, major depression & heart disease. She is a woman with a disability but she is NOT a disabled woman.

Trish teaches women living with chronic illness or disability how to honour and accommodate their health while striving for optimal health, work/life balance and even entrepreneurial success.

Her clients build the confidence necessary to establish effective communication, set comfortable boundaries and nurture trust in their loving relationships. And entrepreneurs learn how to set up and manage systems that leverage technology to incorporate automation into all of their business processes. From client intake to social networking, from scheduling appointments to collecting and capitalizing on client testimonials.

Trish coaches her clients on how to work smarter, not harder and enjoy more free time doing what they enjoy most! To learn more, go to and signup for a complimentary Optimal Health or Business Automation Strategy Session.

Get to know Trish! Trish’s web site, Changing Paces | Trish on Facebook | Trish on Twitter

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