Seminar: Transitioning to College and Career with a Chronic Illness

naomi kingeryNaomi Kingery

If you or someone you love is a teenager with illness, you will find Naomi is a wonderful encourager to you. But even if you are not a teenager, you will find this young woman wise beyond her years and a real inspiration when it comes to living with an invisible illness. She discusses the journey of being a tween with an illness to teenager, and then through college and career. Hear her tips for those with illness for going to college and career aspirations.

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naomi kingeryAbout Naomi Kingery

Naomi Kingery, also known as The Diabetic Diva®, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a decade ago. Kingery made a decision to begin to help others embrace their chronic illness as she learned to do the same while growing up with diabetes.

Through the years her work in the diabetes community has included being the author of The Sugar Free Series, a blogger, and a Diabetes Advocate. She also currently working as an employee for Medtronic and is attending college for a degree in Kinesiology.

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Naomi’s books are all from “The Sugar Free Series” (1 paper back called SUGAR FREE ME and 2 eBooks called Sugar Free Teens: The Diabetic Diva’s 5 Tips on Reaching Your Potential and Sugar Free Support: The Balance of Supporting Your Diabetic Through Every High and Low. She is working on the last book in the series.

Books are available online through Amazon and Barnes and Noble but direct purchase links are available on her website.

On her web site, Live to Love Diabetes you will find a weekly blog where she documents what it is like to live with diabetes; her yoga Cd-Rom and DVD; A list of media resources that have shared Naomi’s story, including previous radio interviews for Invisible Illness Week.


  1. JulieLyn says

    Oh Naomi~I am soooo very blessed is so many different ways…as a Gal/Mom/etc with congenital physical challenges and chronic pain/fibro/etc from MVA 5+ years ago….and on the other hand as a Mum of my daughter who was diagnosed 10 years ago ~2 days after her 7th birthday~second stage of shock and heading into a diabetic coma… your presentation hit with quite a whallop…
    There is so much for me to digest but to realize (and I thank you) is that we are not keeping up with everyone else but doing as “we need to do” adn for my daughter (also an RM Member) just some things that you’ve shared that have pricked up my ears and re-newed my understanding…I do look forward to “connecting” with you and hope to hear from you….thank you for your heart for diabetes and your heart and love for the Lord! Blessings to you for all you’ve done too in your 23 years~God Bless!

    • says

      Julie, thank you so much for sharing your story and for the kind words you have shared. I am thrilled to hear that mine had an impact on you! It sounds like you are an amazing woman. Remain encouraged, and know that both you and your daughter will be molded into the people God is calling you to be because of what both of your chronic illnesses will bring you through. Plus, you can both understand each other and support one another in a special way! Looking forward to getting connected with you as well. Please feel free to visit my website and shoot me an email.

      Thank you again for the kind words,
      Naomi, The Diabetic Diva®

  2. says


    First of all, what a mature young lady you are. Your parents must be so proud of you. After all, I know I am. You’re doing such great things with your life!

    My husband is a Type 2 diabetic so many of the experiences you share resonated with me. I’m definitely planning to share your seminar with him!

    Keep up the great works!


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