Seminar: Closing Seminar with Lisa Copen

Lisa Copen

Join Lisa as she talk about how it can “feel” to go to a “virtual” conference. How Invisible Illness Awareness Week impacted others, what she hopes you will take away from this week and more. She is interviewed by her husband, Joel.

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Wondering what the “headquarters” for Invisible Illness Awareness Week looks like? Lisa takes you on a 3-minute tour of her home office.

About Lisa Copen

Lisa was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 24, in the midst of a typical life, finishing college and discovering where her passions resided. In less than a few weeks she went from significant pain in her feet to her entire body flaring. After changing doctors, searching for answers, she was diagnosed short thereafter. She has never been in remission and her rheumatologist has said that 80% of her pain is due to deformity.

She began Rest Ministries in 1996 after searching for a place where she could share her faith. Through this she has found her true purpose in having the opportunity to speak and write, encouraging others through whatever she pursues. She has written various books including Bible studies, and How to Start a Chronic Illness Small Group Ministry.

Lisa considers every day precious. She is a survivor of the flesh eating bacteria in 2008 and had four joints replaced in her left hand in 2009. Despite her daily pain and fatigue, her 9-year-old son keeps her going. She lives in San Diego with her husband and son and deals with insomnia by working at 3 AM.

Get to know Lisa: Lisa’s webpage | Rest Ministries webpage | Lisa on Facebook | Lisa on Twitter | Invisible Illness Week on Twitter | Invisible Illness Week on Facebook

Lisa’s books: Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend, Why Can’t I Make People Understand, Mosaic Moments: Devotionals For the Chronically Ill, see more


  1. Marian Miller via Facebook says

    Lisa you did an amazing job this week. I loved the conference it was so uplifting! i hope you do it again next year. May God be with you as you take a well

  2. says

    I love your office! It’s so colorful and bright. Don’t you just love Pinterest? Great craft ideas!
    I jotted down chalkboard labels and toothbrush holders for holding pens!
    Oh! I was thinking of Patti LaBelle singing “I’ve Got a New Attitude” after this conference.
    Thanks again for putting on this amazing conference. It’s been the highlight of my week.

  3. says

    Congrats on a brilliant conference this week – have been feeling very fatigued so haven’t been able to taken in fully of what was said during the seminars so look forward to going back and listening to them when I am feeling a bit more alert!!

    Hope you have a nice time away and get a well deserved rest and break. You deserve it!

  4. JulieLyn says

    What can I say…Thank you for your time
    for your love
    for your dedication and passion and commitment to the Lord’s leading in your
    life to share this Ministry~that touches sooo many!
    It is terrific the support you have from your husband and all he gives to you and your family!
    May the Lord continue to minister to your spirit and your body…and may you have
    the opportunity to REST …in HIS Care and SOAK in His Goodness and presence…HE has truly blessed the works of your hands, Lisa and my prayers will continue for you!

  5. says

    Thank you Lisa for all the hard work and dedication to the “cause” and most of all our Lord Jesus Christ! You did an awesome job as usual. I could not do much to help you this week but I have been doing P/R for Rest Ministries throughout the year. I hand out cards,pamplets along with share with others personally at church and at my doctor’s office as well as on my blog and my sister’s (marsha) web/radio…. I continue to spread the word. As long as I have a voice I will share the ministry. I hope to get the word spread more in the northeast now that I live in PA.

    By the way, I love the office! I need to do something with our small bedroom – it needs to double as a guest room and “office”…. humm… It is so small though…. But I’m getting some ideas…. The room we have is so dark… I need some ideas…

    anyway, you are an amazing women of God.

    Love you girl!

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