Join Me Friday at CNN Health Chat – Here is Why!

CNN Health features a chat based on interest from Invisible Illness Awareness Week, with founder Lisa Copen, hosting.

Thank you for all your help with Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I have some follow up emails set to come out in future days, but this one took priority about the opportunity over at CNN Health.

When we live with invisible illnesses we often say no one understands. They don’t understand the pain, the fatigue, the strength it takes to push through it all. They don’t get our fear of infections, the stress of the bills, none of it.

And we wish the media would do more to cover invisible illness than just show celebrities who seem to be “back to their old life” once they have taken certain medications.

Well, CNN Health is paying attention! Last week they featured your “Images of Hope” from Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I was even asked to write an article for CNN Health on how to talk to one with a chronic illness.  And they received over 140 comments in just hours. They listened . . . to you!

This week, in response to the article and the commenters, CNN Health is hosting a chat over at their Facebook page, . It will be this Friday, September 21, 2012 at 9 AM pacific, 12 Noon Eastern. And I will be co-hosting it along with Sarah from CNN staff.

This is exciting, folks!

They are giving their readers a forum to discuss what is on our minds. And personally,
I would love for TONS of us to show up.

Now, this is for just 1 hour. I know some of you will not be able to come. If you cannot make it, will you take just a minute to comment on this post, and thank the health editor over at CNN Health, Ashley Hayes, for the opportunity. She is the one making a difference.

Too often we criticize the media. They don’t tell our story, or when they do, we complain that they didn’t tell our story the right way. But they are giving you and I a chance to tell our story–and that is vital.

If they do not hear from us, from people like you and I who live with invisible illnesses, they will not know that there is a story to tell. So, show up if you can. Put it on your calendar–right now. And if you can’t come, comment below.

Every little bit matters–because you–and your story–matter.

Special thanks to Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent for tweeting out about the chat!

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder


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