Audio of All 2012 Seminars On USB Flash Drive

First, thank you so much to all who came to CNN’s Health chat last week. We had a great turn out and everyone at CNN said, “Consider this a great success!”

Last week I ordered the USB Flash Drives and they are on their way! All the seminars for Invisible Illness Awareness Week have an audio MP3 file and these will be included on the USB drive.

Some people have asked, “Now, what is a USB drive? In case you don’t know, it is like a mini hard drive and can hold a lot of information. For example, only about 1 seminar would fit onto a CD, but we can fit all 19 seminars on this 1 GB flash drive and half of the USB will still be empty.

You can stick it into your computer’s USB drive and listen; you can download it to your computer, your iPod, your MP3 player, or anywhere that allows you to plugin a USB drive. (My car actually has a USB drive.)

We are selling these for $15 . . . AND, if you watched the first seminar with Wayne and Sherri talking about what to say and not say to a chronically ill person, you just know their booklet “But You LOOK Good!” is fabulous. We would love to help the, get this book into the hands of more people. So if you pre-order by October 15th, we will throw in this book for just 3.50, saving you a few dollars.*

All orders of the flash drive or combination flash drive/booklet, will be sent mid-October, as soon as we receive the flash drives. By pre-ordering you help us with inventory estimations.

So, here is hoping these two items will help you in the coming months. After all, those holidays are just around the corner, when understanding how to communicate your needs with family is vital! Right?

Order today and get both the booklet, “But You LOOK Good!” and the flash drive with all audio seminars for just $18.50, plus shipping.

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder





*This is a limited time offer and coupons cannot be used. Sorry, but we need to break even on our costs.



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