Ill Friends Can Teach One a Lot About Endurance

Asking where one find strength will encourage them–and you.

When one lives with chronic illness it can be a struggle to find worth. Those of us who live with illness find it hard to not base our value on what we are able to accomplish that day. When we live in a society that sees busyness as a sign of success it is hard to not feel like a failure.

People with chronic illness or pain, however, are some of the strongest, most admirable people I know. That we cope with life–with the same complication that everyone else has–plus do it with chronic pain. Wow.

Most healthy individuals stop everything when they get sick. Having a cold or the flu means going into comfort mode. The work stops, the family helps out, and even if the there is a lack of help and support, most things in life can wait a week or two until the person feels better and is able to catch up.

For the chronically ill person, however, this day of catching up when they feel normal again never occurs. And yet, those of us with illness still live. We plan short trips, we go to graduations, weddings, and even funerals. We call friends, feed the dog, and make dinner for our family. We may even work outside the home, raise our children (and the neighbor’s too), all while juggling pain, doctors appointments, tests, insurance and medical paperwork.

If you don’t live with a chronic condition, take a moment to listen to a friend describe where it is she finds the strength to go on each day, even knowing that the pain may even get worse? I am sure you will be blessed and find something in her words you can apply to your own life.

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