Tuesday Chat: How illness affects our relationships


We chatted about relationships on Tuesday, joined by Jenni Saake who is an author, speaker, mom to three kids, and she lives with multiple chronic illnesses. A couple of years ago she had severe strokes and is now a stroke survivor who continues to share her experience through her blogs (health conditions | stroke) and books.

goodconversation3Greeting and meeting others: Hello! I am so glad you are here. We are excited to have Jenni Saake with us. Jenni is an author, speaker, ministry leader, mom of three, and a stroke survivor and I know she will add a lot to our chat as we talk about RELATIONSHIPS! I (Lisa) will be posting a question and then you can comment or reply to others comments. We will be talking about relationships today and how they relate to our illness. —> Read more here

Yesterday we spoke about how “invisible illness” is referring to a lack of visual symptoms. When others cannot see what they believe is pain –or signs of illness–it is natural for them to doubt the severity of our illness. How has living with an INVISIBLE illness affected your relationships?   —> Read more here

Have you ever had someone doubt that you were really ill at all or that your illness was as debilitating as you made it sound to be? Did you confront this person? Or try to explain? Or did you just go home and cry?   —> Read more here

How do you feel your family–a spouse children, adult children, or your own parents--understand (or don’t understand) your illness and how it affects your daily life?  —> Read more here

If you found a way to explain your illness, or help someone better understand it, please share it below (for example, a deep conversation, a book they read, attending a support group or a doctor’s appointment with you, seeing a scar from a procedure, having their illness experience) —> Read more here

Sometimes our illness is hard to see and then it becomes more visible. How was it different when people could see the illness/disability?  —> Read more here

If you could have a conversation with a loved one or friend about what your life is really like, and you knew they would respond positively, what kinds if things would you say? —> Read more here

Thank you so much for pouring out your heart, friends. I know it can be hard to talk about hurt feelings and those who have doubted your illness. Know that sharing about it in this community will encourage others. Remember, you can return anytime and write additional comments or read others comments. You can also do a search in Facebook for #invisibleillnesschat all of our chats this week. We will also link to this at our website. Be sure to visit Jenni’s page at http://GivenMeAThorn.blogspot.com or http://StrokeOfGrace.blogspot.com . May you have a blessed day. —> Read more here

To see ALL CHATS of the entire week, you can use hashtag #invisibleillnesschat or just click here.

Thank you for making this chat a great opportunity to learn more about invisible illness, how we identify with it and a chance for us to encourage each other. Take a moment to share this page with someone else. You can pin it, share it on Facebook or your support group. You never know who is suffering silently and feeling invisible. Thanks,


Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder


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