Friday Chat: When identity, jobs and more get lost


We had our last chat, Friday at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST (USA) at our Facebook page for Invisible Illness Awareness Week, with special guest, Kelly Fricke. Many of you know her from her videos online and encouragement on really was a great conversation, chatting about our loss of identity when we may not be able to do what we dreamed of, perhaps we are working but it’s not a job we can keep much longer.

Here are the links to the specific questions and answers. You can read them anytime and still comment.

workCan you believe it is already Friday of Invisible Illness Awareness Week? … If you would like to comment below, please tell us in a sentence or two what you would like us to know about you, like where you are from, your age, your illness. —> Read more here

One of the hardest losses we have when we have a chronic illness is our loss of identity. This often includes some kind of work, whether it is one where we get a paycheck or just the idea of making a difference. How has your work/volunteering/accomplishments changed since you have had an illness?  —> Read more here

Many of us wish we could do what we love and the money would follow. It doesn’t always work that way. How have you found ways to make a living desire your limitations? Feel free to share links in your comments for a gig you have, an Etsy shop, etc. —> Read more here

Sometimes our illness is a full time job, other times we have seasons when we can do something more. How have you learned to balance taking care of yourself with other activities?  —> Read more here

Whether you work or not, in whatever capacity, how do you find purpose with your illness? What is it that gets you out of bed on days you don’t feel like it? —> Read more here

If someone with an illness came to you, asking how she could make a living me find her purpose, despite struggling with daily pain, what advice would you tell him or her?  —> Read more here

Kelly stays to answer questions —> Read more here

We had a GREAT video workshop last year with Tiffany Westrich about finding our identity when ill. If this is an area you would like to understand better and walk through the process of who you were “before illness” and now “after illness” this is an awesome resource. Bookmark it to watch later!

And this closes our official chats for Invisible illness Awareness Week. Thank you sooo-o-o much for participating this week. You can return here anytime and write additional comments or read comments. You can also do a search in Facebook for #invisibleillnesschat for all of our chats this week. We will also link to this at our website, . Be sure to visit Kelly’s web page too at —> Read more here

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder


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