Your #invisiblefight Blogs for 2015


iifightblogsWhat is a #invisiblefight blog post?

Since our theme this year is My Invisible Fight, just write a blog post about anything to do with your invisible pain and suffering and what is has to do with how you fight.

What NOT to submit here:

Please don’t submit your general blogs, Facebook page, or other promotional sites.

If you have a blog post that is just about living with an invisible illness–but NOT #invisiblefight related, submit it here on Your Story page.

What TO submit here:

Submit a real blog post . . . that you wrote . . .  that has something to do with one of the topics below (or something similar).

When you are done, grab a blog badge (click “save as” to your computer, upload it and link it to this page).

  • a fight that you have that no one sees.
  • one person who makes you get up and fight each day to have a life
  • one decision you fought to make that has been a good thing (or not so good)
  • what treatment or medication did you fight for?
  • one hurdle that fought to take your hope from you, but you fought to get it back!
  • how you keep fighting to live when life wants to get you down
  • why you fight for awareness as an illness advocate (or just some man or woman who likes to make some noise)
  • one time you fought to stand up for an unjust situation
  • what advice you would give someone recently diagnosed about how to choose what to fight about and what to let go of.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of the blog posts submitted in previous years.

Link it below and then visit a few other blogs and be sure to comment on them.





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    As a person with Asperger’s syndrome, who also suffers with chronic anxiety, depression, and agitation, I have been fighting for almost thirty years for creative programs to help people like myself deal with out illness, as well as educate the community about the myths and realities of mental illness, to tell them the tales of our troubles and stories of our struggles so that they may better understand us. The project is called Creative Sanity and you can find out all about it on my blog website. Thank you for your time and attention.


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