Blog Submission Guidelines


There are 2 ways to submit blogs or articles/posts to our web site.

1. Submit links to your own blog/website of a specific post (These include Your Story, and your #invisiblefight blogs) [Now open for 2015]

2. Submit an entire post to our site in hopes of being a featured guest blogger where your article will appear at

Submitting a link to your web site

If you opt for #1, you will want to choose which “link party” you want to submit to.

My Story – If you are sharing something about your journey, such as your diagnosis, your treatment, how you have learned to adjust your lifestyle to live better with illness, how you have changed your relationships since diagnosis, etc. These articles may be more focused on YOU than others. Don’t forget however, to still make the title interesting and explain the benefit to the reader. (More on title writing is below.) The acronym many writers try to remember when writing is that people ask WIIFM–What’s in it for me? How can your story be an encouragement to someone else?

Your #invisiblefight blog – Are you writing about your #invisiblefight? This is the place to submit this year’s featured blog posts that you have written somewhere else but you want to make sure those visiting our website can read them!

Your 30 things meme – If you have filled this out and posted it online, share the link here so we can come read it!


Filling out the link form

You will be asked to fill out a short form with a few questions to have your link appear. Here are some tips:

When asked for the URL, please input the entire URL of the actual blog post you are submitting.

It should look like this

It should not look like this

Next it asks for “name.” This is not your name, but rather the NAME OF YOUR BLOG POST. Remember that this is what will encourage or discourage people to click on your blog post, so the title is very important. Articles that are about “how to” or “tips” or that have some kind of tangible benefit, will always be clicked on more.

For example, your blog post may originally be titled, “A Rainy Day.” This title won’t attract many readers. Rather change it to reflect the specific in the articles, like “4 Ways I Found Some Joy In a Rainy Day Monday” or “How to Fight The Blues of Illness When No One Picks Up Their Phones.” Ask yourself, what can someone learn from this? What have they experienced that will make them feel not so alone? How can this post benefit them?

There is a great article on writing titles here: How to Write Article Titles That Attract Readers

Next, the form will ask for the image, or it will ask you if you want it to go to your web site to retrieve the image. The more interesting your photo is, or representative of your article, the more likely someone will visit your web site. Look through your blog post and see if there is anything unique you are writing about. Do you mention the smell of grass, a pink guitar, etc.? These would definitely be things to take a photo of or find a royalty free image to use on your site.

We also ask for your first name, email, and Twitter address. These things will not appear on our web page, but are for our reference only.

Please note. . .
All blogs will be moderated. Not all will be approved. The publisher, ( reserves the right to refuse any submitted material for any reason at any time at its sole discretion. This means if we do not approve your link, we will not debate our decision.

Submitting as a guest blogger?

If you are submitting an article to appear on the web site, here are some things to note:

  •  If your blog has been accepted, we will get back to you as soon as possible with the date it will appear.
  • All copyright remains the property of the author/blogger.
  • The publisher, ( reserves the right to refuse any submitted material for any reason at any time at its sole discretion.
  • The publisher reserves the right to edit any notices or postings for clarity and length, including title, content, and author bio.

Submitting to our Meme?

We have a Meme, 30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness. Post your link here.

Okay! So get to writing!

We look forward to hearing from you.