Living with an Invisible Illness, My Life


Jamie Sanders Ask anyone and they would tell you that there have been some bumps in the road that they have had to overcome. No one person’s life is ever easy. There will always be obstacles and challenges. But, in general, life probably is pretty okay for them. Now, for those of us who have […]

Video Touches Heart With Just One Message


I am so excited that I have finished our new video for 2014. If you watch it I think you will understand part of our JUST ONE CAMPAIGN. Over the years… as we have served those with invisible illness… I have seen many people who are surprised by the feelings of isolation they have. Even […]

The Invisible Me – Poem


When you have a chronic invisible illness you don’t only feel like your body has betrayed you, but how you portray yourself to the world is no longer valid either. This is dedicated to those who suffer with what we know is true even though others can’t see . . . The Invisible Me You […]

How Do You Keep Going When Illness Hits?


When illness slams into your life it can be hard to know what to do with all of the missed up emotions. Alyshis share where she found her will to keep going. I thought my life was just perfect. And it was in my eyes . . . But my life was turned completely upside […]

Do You Long to be Normal When it Comes to Your Health?


I have recently come across many blogs where sufferers write about how they long to be “normal.” I too speak of that longing for a norm. I guess what I truly long for is familiarity. . . because when I fell ill I also felt like I lost a huge chunk of myself to the […]

Finding Hope Through Illness in a Flower Garden


It has been one year since I was diagnosed with Waldmann’s Disease, also known as Primary Intestinal Lymphangiectasia. There are less than 200 reported cases worldwide. My symptoms include chronic diarrhea, heartburn, stomach distention, and mild to severe abdominal pain. I follow a very strict low-fat diet and a daily workout plan to keep the […]

How Can I Make My Illness Not Impact My Family?


What happens when a mother of two has a reaction to a medication, causing her health to plummet indefinitely? Two o’clock in the morning and I am wide awake . . . I am wide awake pondering the damage–the long term emotional pain–that my “mystery illness” has caused my husband and children. My husband who […]

A Lightning Bolt Changed My Life


During a summer night in the beginning of this millennium my life changed forever. Within a fraction of a second it changed. . . . a huge bang! Then nothing–nothing at all. No light, no fire. Just a very loud sound, pain in my ear and nothing. At 2 o’clock in the morning I had […]