Creativity and Chronic Illness, Why I Create


The question we ask this year at Invisible Illness Awareness Week is ‘what do you choose?’   Patti shares why she chooses to create. I don’t always consider my autoimmune arthritis a benefit, particularly when one day–or five days–have been cancelled due to lack of ability. But there are gifts that come with the burden […]

2 Women With Invisible Illness Week Online Events


We have some people who have helped spread the word on our Invisible Illness Awareness Week event with their own spin on it. Make a video about your choices Jenni over at ChronicBabe has created a video of “I choose to… ” that you can watch and if you make your own video you may […]

When a Friend is Ill, The Right Words Are a Blessing

woman talking to ill friend

A friend who is ill might need different words than you expect. When your friend is coping with a chronic illness, it’s easy to try to reach out and make him or her feel better with quick encouragement such as “just fight it, don’t give in, you’re stronger than this disease, don’t let the illness […]

Having a VISIBLE Invisible Illness (You read that right)


Would you rather have a visible-or invisible–illness? Megan explains why this simple question can be difficult to answer. By Megan Fulsom Oftentimes, when people find out that I’m chronically ill I get asked the question “Would I rather have a visible or invisible disability?” It’s such a hard question because there are “advantages” and “disadvantages” […]

Do You Really Want to Know How I am Feeling?


When people ask how you are feeling do you respond truthfully or with the simple answer they want to hear? “How are you feeling?” “Good. Well . . . I’m feeling better.” “Well, you look great!” And I chuckle. Because I truly do wish that my rosy cheeks, cute hair, and fashionable clothes were a […]

What Happens When You Stop Listening to the Advice?

what happens when you stop listening to advcie about your illness

One woman discovers illness becomes easier when she stops listening to the opinions of others. By C. Defoe Imagine you thinking life’s good. You are highly educated, surrounded by a great group of friends and loving family, and have a promising career ahead. Then one morning you wake up and “poof!”   Your health has […]

Should We Tell Healthy People Our Illness is Like When They Get Sick?


Does it help or hinder the understanding of our illness when we compare our illness to normal people getting sick? I have a Tumblr blog and something I’ve seen a lot of recently is the idea of “normal people sick” in comparison to chronic and/or incurable conditions. The idea of comparing a bad headache to […]