When did you last need a warning label in the morning?

You know those mornings when you wake up and… Well… wait… “Wake up” may be a bit of an overstatement. There are mornings when you are half out of it… But in so much pain you cannot stay in bed another minute and yet, just getting to the kitchen is a challenge! ¬†This describes most […]

Quick Ways to Get Involved in II Week


It has been great to hear the buzz online about Invisible Illness Awareness Week and your enthusiasm. Thanks for your support! So, how can specifically you get involved? Here are some quick links: Blogging for Invisible Illness Awareness Week? Link up to our site so we can visit your post! Fill out our meme and […]

Announcing 2014 II Week Campaign


Invisible Illness Awareness Week is approaching! This year Invisible Illness Awareness Week is September 8-14, 2014. Our website is now live, updated, and even responsive–meaning it should show up well on your mobile device. The theme this year is JUST ONE. Why did I pick this theme? Because… You may feel in invisible… You may […]

How Can I Help Invisible Illness Awareness Week?


Thank you so much for your desire to help me with Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I began this week in 2002–hard to believe it has been that long!–and because of people like YOU who are willing to help, we continue to encourage thousands and thousands. If you don’t believe me you an hear what our […]

Our 30 Things Meme About Your Invisible Illness

Have you filled out the Invisible Illness Week Meme? It’s called “30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness” and it can be both enlightening for others and even therapeutic for you! I just filled it out and every year my answers change just a bit. Find it–and read others– here: http://ow.ly/om0nS (and […]

Let Your Favorite Health Editor Know About Invisible Illness Week


Do you know a health editor? Wait, before you answer, have you ever emailed a health editor and said, “thank you for this newsletter”? Commented on their questions on Facebook. Maybe even guest blogged? Between all of us with a variety of chronic illnesses and symptoms, there are hundreds of thousands of newsletters and ezines […]