Creativity and Chronic Illness, Why I Create


The question we ask this year at Invisible Illness Awareness Week is ‘what do you choose?’   Patti shares why she chooses to create. I don’t always consider my autoimmune arthritis a benefit, particularly when one day–or five days–have been cancelled due to lack of ability. But there are gifts that come with the burden […]

Having a VISIBLE Invisible Illness (You read that right)


Would you rather have a visible-or invisible–illness? Megan explains why this simple question can be difficult to answer. By Megan Fulsom Oftentimes, when people find out that I’m chronically ill I get asked the question “Would I rather have a visible or invisible disability?” It’s such a hard question because there are “advantages” and “disadvantages” […]

How Can I Help Invisible Illness Awareness Week?


Thank you so much for your desire to help me with Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I began this week in 2002–hard to believe it has been that long!–and because of people like YOU who are willing to help, we continue to encourage thousands and thousands. If you don’t believe me you an hear what our […]

Our 30 Things Meme About Your Invisible Illness

Have you filled out the Invisible Illness Week Meme? It’s called “30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness” and it can be both enlightening for others and even therapeutic for you! I just filled it out and every year my answers change just a bit. Find it–and read others– here: (and […]