List of Articles From Invisible Illness Awareness Week

Here you will find a list of all of the articles from Invisible Illness Awareness Week with some of our most popular listed at the top. Whatever emotion or situation you are experiencing, the good news is that someone else has dealt with it too. If you are seeing THIS page, our site had a […]

2013 FAQ – Invisible Illness Week


Welcome to 2013 Invisible Illness Awareness Week What is the 2013 theme? Our theme this year is “I choose to ______” Invisible illness isn’t a choice. But your visible hope is! You don’t have control over whether you are ill or not, but there are so many things to do have the ability to choose. […]

Join Me Friday at CNN Health Chat – Here is Why!


CNN Health features a chat based on interest from Invisible Illness Awareness Week, with founder Lisa Copen, hosting. Thank you for all your help with Invisible Illness Awareness Week. I have some follow up emails set to come out in future days, but this one took priority about the opportunity over at CNN Health. When […]

Seminar: Closing Seminar with Lisa Copen


Lisa Copen Join Lisa as she talk about how it can “feel” to go to a “virtual” conference. How Invisible Illness Awareness Week impacted others, what she hopes you will take away from this week and more. She is interviewed by her husband, Joel. When you are done listening, we appreciate you clicking “like” for […]

Seminar: Transitioning to College and Career with a Chronic Illness

naomi kingery

Naomi Kingery If you or someone you love is a teenager with illness, you will find Naomi is a wonderful encourager to you. But even if you are not a teenager, you will find this young woman wise beyond her years and a real inspiration when it comes to living with an invisible illness. She […]

Last Day of Invisible Illness Awareness Week


Happy Friday! As we wind down the week we have some great speakers for you. Naomi Kingery will be sharing her journey with diabetes from a “tween,” through teens, college and career. Pam Farrel shares about communication in a marriage and how it really are the little things that can matter the most. And then […]

Seminar: How Can You Become An Advocate When You Are Ill?


Jennifer Pettit Have you ever wanted to be more of an advocate for your disease, or even just all people who live with a chronic condition or disability? Does the idea of being an advocate appeal to you, but it seems overwhelming? Where do you start? Jennifer explains how she had become an advocate in […]