Invisible Fight Photo Campaign – What is Your Fight?


What is your invisible fight? Invisible Illness Awareness Week is September 28 – October 4 and we are creating a big buzz in social media, spurring on awareness, understanding, and dispelling myths and misconceptions about living with illness. We live in a culture that understands acute sickness. Tell a friend you have strep throat and […]

Is Illness Making Relationships Harder?


Did you know we have over 50 article topics about relationships and invisible illness? As I redesigned our website here at Invisible Illness Awareness Week this year I was reminded of how many topics we have covered here over the years. Many of these are about relationships. A few include: 20 Things NOT to Say […]

Why I Feel Stupid When Someone Shares a Cure


Have you ever heard… I heard about this new treatment… Maybe you should try… I tried this juice and now I am selling it. I will give you a bottle to try… People so want to help. They are offering the best solution to our problem they have. The best solution they have. It may […]

No One Talked About Invisible Illness

There are a couple reasons I began Invisible Illness Awareness Week in 2002. One: I saw so many people who were feeling really–really bitter… because they felt like people didn’t get it. IT = Everything. About. Illness. Even some people who had their life pretty together… Those who were coping with the ups and downs […]