Friday Chat: When identity, jobs and more get lost


We had our last chat, Friday at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST (USA) at our Facebook page for Invisible Illness Awareness Week, with special guest, Kelly Fricke. Many of you know her from her videos online and encouragement on really was a great conversation, chatting about our loss of identity when we may not […]

Thurs Chat: Being an advocate for awareness for any disease


We’re talked about advocacy on Thursday at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (USA) at our Invisible Illness Awareness Week Facebook Page. Whether you have an illness-related blog to just posting about invisible illness stuff on Facebook occasionally, chances are you are an advocate. We were joined by special guest, Tiffany Westrich. She is the CEO and […]

Wednesday Chat: Why the confusion about looking good?


Wednesday at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (USA) we chatted at the Invisible Illness Awareness Week Facebook Page . We talked about how illness has a way of confusing simple matters like appearance and should we try to keep looking good–or not? We generally don’t feel happy about the fact that we are wearing sweats […]

Tuesday Chat: How illness affects our relationships


We chatted about relationships on Tuesday, joined by Jenni Saake who is an author, speaker, mom to three kids, and she lives with multiple chronic illnesses. A couple of years ago she had severe strokes and is now a stroke survivor who continues to share her experience through her blogs (health conditions | stroke) and […]

Monday Chat: Why does it matter if the illness is INVISIBLE?


Does it matter if the illness is invisible or not? Why? We chatted about invisible illness on Monday, September 9 at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST (USA). Christine of joined us! Below you will find links to the specific questions and answers. You can still add your comment if you like or respond to […]

Chats Begin Monday for Invisible Illness Awareness Week


So, Invisible Illness Awareness Week is here! Each day we are going to be having a chat session over on our Facebook page. Just go to and we will be posting questions for you to comment on, along with some special guests. Although I am still finalizing some of the days, I can tell […]

Seminar: Closing Seminar with Lisa Copen


Lisa Copen Join Lisa as she talk about how it can “feel” to go to a “virtual” conference. How Invisible Illness Awareness Week impacted others, what she hopes you will take away from this week and more. She is interviewed by her husband, Joel. When you are done listening, we appreciate you clicking “like” for […]

Seminar: Transitioning to College and Career with a Chronic Illness

naomi kingery

Naomi Kingery If you or someone you love is a teenager with illness, you will find Naomi is a wonderful encourager to you. But even if you are not a teenager, you will find this young woman wise beyond her years and a real inspiration when it comes to living with an invisible illness. She […]

Last Day of Invisible Illness Awareness Week


Happy Friday! As we wind down the week we have some great speakers for you. Naomi Kingery will be sharing her journey with diabetes from a “tween,” through teens, college and career. Pam Farrel shares about communication in a marriage and how it really are the little things that can matter the most. And then […]