FAQ About 2012 Invisible Illness Week

What is the 2012 theme?Our theme this year is “Invisible Illness? Share Your Visible Hope!”

So what is your visible hope? We are collecting your images, photos, illustrations, of things that bring you hope! Sometimes hope can be hard to understand, because we cannot see it. But perhaps we can try to show others the images in our life that help us feel hopeful even when dealing with chronic illness or pain.

What is this about uploading photos?
Hope can be hard to see, can’t it? Our theme this year is “Invisible Illness? Show us your visible hope!” We invite you to upload your photos of hope! Starting June 25, people like you began to upload photos that represent hope in their daily life when living with invisible (or visible!) illness. You can upload one per day, or one per week–whatever you wish. We will feature them on both our web site and our Pinterest site as well as the DropEvent site where they are uploaded.

How can I tell other people about this?
We have many ways to make this easy for you so just choose below the ways that work best for you.

  • Tweets (140-character awareness stuff) you can post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, anywhere, anytime
  • Short posts about Invisible Illness Week that can be posted somewhere like Facebook or your blog.
  • Buttons to share
  • Blog about it!
  • Post your photos and images of hope. Our main site is Drop Event, but you can also share them on Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Is there going to be a virtual conference like in past years?

Yes! We will be having a online seminars. Topics will be announced.

If I don’t have a chronic illness can I still get involved?

Of course! We would love to have anyone join us. It’s a wonderful opportunity to better understand what friends and loved ones experience on a daily basis when living with a chronic illness.

Is cancer considered a chronic illness?

Absolutely. There is no discrimination when it comes to chronic illness, and cancer has loads of side effects, some of which last a lifetime unfortunately. If it is a physical or mental illness or condition –or even just a series of symptoms– that is causing you pain, we consider it inclusive.

Is Invisible Illness Week on Facebook?

Yes! And we would love to have you join us there. One of the best parts of Facebook is that it is an easy way to share the things you care about when people who are in your circle without having to push it on them. The more you can share about this the more people we can reach and we are excited to see how it grows.

Here is our NICIAW Fan Page and here is our National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week “Cause” Page .

Each have perks the other one doesn’t have so take a moment to join both!

Is Invisible Illness Week on Pinterest?

Rest Ministries, the sponsor of NICIAW has an entire Pinterest account here. You can find our boards here:

Have a question we’ve not yet addressed? Contact us at the button above.