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Mental Illness – The Invisible Illness We Don't Talk About As Easily


When you think of someone who is mentally ill, do you think of someone who acts wildly, is completely ignorant of things around them, or even talks to himself? You may need to rethink your opinion of those who are mentally ill. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illnesses (NAMI), “mental illnesses are medical […]

Up – Visit Some Fabulous Invisible Illness Week Blogs


Many of you have been a large part of spreading the word about National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week by blogging about it for us! Thank you! And we hope that you have gained some encouragement and inspiration in reflecting on living with invisible illness as well as reading the blogs of others. So far […]

Have You Ever Considered Sometimes it is The Caregiver Who is Invisible?


By: Cecil Murphey When you see an elderly person coming toward you in a wheelchair, do you ever make eye contact with the person pushing the wheelchair? Who notices the caregiver? Do you give them a greeting, a smile of encouragement for their difficult days? The almost invisible caregiver. (by Cecil Murphey) Years ago, two […]

Creating Pain Awareness Through Photography


We received this information from the CT Pain Foundation and thought you may be interested! Nearly seventy-five million Americans deal with pain. Chronic pain is an all-encompassing problem that knows no boundaries. It affects the poor and the rich, the young and the old, male and female. No race, class or age is spared from […]

Who is Blogging About Invisible Illness Week? Here are Some Sites We Found!


Who is blogging about Invisible Illness issues and our special week? Here are a few sites we’ve found! Invisible Illness Week 2010 By James Invisible Illness Week is almost here again! Scheduled for the 13th-19th of September 2010, this is the 9th year – and it’s less than a month away! This year, there will […]

You Never Know Who Your Notes May Touch!


This was a quaint little story that is being passed around in emails but someone sent it to me and it reminded me of what our notes are doing! Lisa There are many times when we begin a certain task that God lays on our hearts and because we think our efforts are minimal and […]

Let Your Church Know About Invisible Illness Awareness Week


Nearly 1 in 2 people in the US have a chronic condition. . . This includes people sitting in pews too! Invisible Illness Week is sponsored by Rest Ministries which is the largest Christian organization that specifically serves the chronically ill. About 300 HopeKeepers groups exists around the USA and beyond too (find a HopeKeepers […]

Just Imagine. . . Trying to Explain Daily Life to a Healthy Person


By Carissa Haston Can you imagine never being able to eat again? Hooking up to IV nutrition or tube feedings every day in order to live? Carrying your nutrition on your back all day or being attached to a pole all night? Or, simply having to “survive” on chicken broth, Ensure, and small bites of […]

Let Your Local Illness Organization Know


Do you have a local association or organization that you know about or attend a support group meeting? For example, the Arthritis Foundation or the Multiple Sclerosis Society are wonderful organizations. There are literally thousands of them that serve even the rarest diseases. If you can take just a few minutes today or tomorrow and […]